Monday, May 4, 2009

She Wins.

after much nagging from my mother, i have decided to start blogging again. the woman is relentless. can it stop now, please? and can i call this my mother's day present to her and get out of shopping?

although, i don't know if rededicating myself to blogging 2 months before Big Brother starts again is such a good idea. as past years have shown us, 24 hour access to the live feeds in the BB house quickly leads to me forsaking all else in my life. i become a sleep deprived zombie, good for nothing. even my boss knows. when i tell him BB is starting up again, his response is always the same. "aw, dammit!" but we will see how it goes.

now, since i am a complete and total idiot, i have no idea how to get back into my old blog and just continue this at the old website. trust me, i have tried everything. it is futile. so, for the newbies, here is the link to the old blog. consider it a warning for what you can expect in future postings:

and since i hate to admit defeat of any kind, i won't say it was mom's nagging that got me here again. let's just say i am a thousand days behind in my updates.


  1. Thank God you're back. I love your blog.


  2. YES! Thanks for nagging her in ways we could only dream of, Roxie.