Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Just Saw The BEST Robbery, EVER!

this afternoon, i was out and about running errands. while i was driving i saw 2 young men run across the street against the light. they were each carrying a case of beer. i just figured they were running to catch a bus. until i saw the 7/11 employee running after them, screaming. 

it was pretty obvious they had tried to steal the beer. tried being an important part of this story.

now, this 7/11 is located less than one mile from a police station. i see cops cars there all the time. just like the two i saw there this afternoon.

yup, these fools ran out of the 7/11 directly towards the waiting arms of the cops.

they better change their stories when they get to jail.


  1. The voodoo story on my birthday and the beer stealing on Jose's... better than a Hallmark card any day of the year!

  2. See that is why you have to plan. We had some idiots try to rob a bank near my house. Only bad thing was it was a bank with horrible traffic, you can't get out of the parking lot. So of course they were caught. And on the news the people interviewed even said they SHOULD have cased the place first.

  3. I love it. That is something you wish you would have caught on video for Stupid Criminal tricks.