Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Damn, I Might be the Stupidest PersonI Know

so, i have been fighting this flu for the better part of a week. i was out of work for 2 days last week, and i still apparently look like crap on cracker. i know this because today no less than four people at work told me, "why don't you just go home?" a sure sign  that i am nowhere near back to normal. and probably look like Linda Blair in the middle half of The Exorcist. minus the cool spider walk, because i can't do that on my best day.

the days that i have gone to work, i can barely keep my eyes open and i am thisclose to falling asleep at my desk.

i thought this was just a side effect of the flu. turns out, not so much.

see, when i first got sick, i went rooting in the medicine cabinet for cold/flu pills. the only ones i found had expired over a year ago. so, mom and i went thru all the cold pills, immodium, pepto and thera flu and realized that all our stash was way expired. so, i made a list and went to the store and restocked everything, including cold pills. and i bought the generic brands. with very little info on the packaging. which i have been  taking everyday since then.

i just looked at the new cold pills and realized that i have been taking the "nighttime" dosage all week. during work hours.



  1. Wow I would have been out like a light. How did you work?

  2. Hey - Don't knock Linda Blair, Exorcist or not. She dated Rick Springfield - lucky girl!